Camp's lightest carabiner - 22 grams

Camp Nano 22 RackPack carabiner set


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The Camp Nano 22 is the lightest Camp carabiner and one of the lightest in the world, but it is also the most convenient carabiner when climbing on long alpine routes.
The Nano 22 is the latest evolution of the Camp carabiner, only 22g in a strong and durable carabiner, with a deep rope housing and a gate designed to facilitate a simple quickdrawing. The nose protects the gate while the particular curvature and the total absence of protrusions facilitate the rope sliding, limiting its wear.
The exceptional mechanical characteristics make the Nano 22 the ideal carabiner for mountaineering and climbing trad, where Nano 22 in different colors can be associated with its color of friend or nut. Considering its compact size, the Nano 22 makes it easy to secure even with particularly tight rings.
  • Record weight of 22g per carabiner
  • RackPack with carabiners in 6 different colors coordinated with those of the most used cams
  • Can be used with all types of strings
  • Significantly reduces the weight and overall dimensions of the equipment
  • Maximum functionality

Camp Nano 22, like all the RackPack carabiners, can be used as a normal carabiner to perform all rope handles, but obviously, given the super lightness, it is a carabiner that is best in mountaineering and climbing trad. Less weight means more chances of success.


CAMP (Concezione Articoli Montagna Premana) is situated in the small mountain village of Premana, Italy. This is a place where history, experience, imagination, and verticality have coalesced into a veritable crucible of mountain culture and product engineering. A century and a quarter of innovation that begins with the origins of modern mountaineering and ends with CAMP’s global reputation for producing the lightest piece of gear in nearly every category.

New Ref. Product name Weight Material
g oz kN kN kN mm mm mm EN 12275 121
2479 NANO 22 RACK PACK – 6 pcs 132 4.7 21 8 9 21 86 52 Aluminum alloy B



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