Kevlar lanyard available in the desired lenght

Beal Aramid Kevlar 5.5 mm lanyard

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Beal Aramid is a 5.5mm Kevlar lanyard available at the meter. With a high melting point (being considered a fire retardant material), Kevlar is particularly suitable for making the Machard or Prusik self-locking knots to be used for double ropes.

Kevlar is a highly resistant material, used in technological environments, even outside mountaineering, such as naval, spacecraft or bulletproof vests. It has an incredibly higher seal than that of equal thickness in nylon or dyneema.

The Beal Aramid 5.5mm Kevlar cord has a holding of 1,800 daN (Kg).

The cost refers to the meter, so it is sufficient to increase the quantity up to the desired length expressed in meters. If you need more parts, insert different the desired number into the carriage.


NOTE: For particular lengths (eg 1.5 m or other splits, buy the desired length in meters and then insert the desired lengths in the order notes)


BEAL has been making rope history since the 80’s. Passion and research led to the development of the concept of dynamic ropes, changing the climbing world forever. The BEAL team is fully integrated into its work, caring about new technology applications, test reports, as well as emotions and enthusiasms. Evolution is what lets BEAL anticipate changes and stay tuned with climbers’ everyday needs.


DIAMETER (mm) 5,5
MAXIMUM LOAD 1800 DaN (kg)


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