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We are a group  of climbers inspired by the passion of climbing. We like free climbing, mostly outdoor, and it  is for this that the choice of our products is focused on this kind of activity. We are not a ‘price-findig’, all the material we propose is the one we have in our warehouse, this is why we always send in 24 hours, with the exception of re-ordered goods. All the material we propose has been tested by us, often in preview with the models proposed by the brands and we choose only the best in the market, sharing our reviews with the thousands of fans that follow us in Facebook. We do not keep goods only to have them, we only propose what we think it is really necessary for climbing in terms of quality and safety.

  • Estremamente professionali, ottimi prezzi e servizio di consegna impeccabile. Vivamente consigliato!

    Gian Marco Fiorino Avatar Gian Marco Fiorino

    Due ordini effettuati a Dicembre, servizio extra rapido e sicurezza nei materiali comprati. Consigliato

    Bruno Zennaro Avatar Bruno Zennaro

    Perfetti per la precisione e celerità che supera anche Amazon. Peccato che non vendiate anche l'abbigliamento

    Lamberto Serva Avatar Lamberto Serva
  • Ottima scelta e servizio consegna molto celere direi ottimo👍👍👍

    fabio zamboni Avatar fabio zamboni

    Dove non arriva amazon arriva sestogrado, miglior complimento che si possa fare in termini di paragone.

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    Mattia Galli Avatar Mattia Galli

    Negozio consigliatissimo. Ampia scelta, ottimi prodotti, prezzi molto competitivi. Consegna rapidissima.

    Eric Ciman Avatar Eric Ciman

Sestogrado is an on-line shop, that’s why our prices are so competitive. Our offices and warehouse are in Padova, via Lucca 19.