Registering on Sestogrado you can get a lot of advantages, exclusive promotions, anticipated seasonal discounts and fidelity points.
Fidelity points are an added discount that we grant to the clients that choose Sestogrado for their purchases.
For each euro spent you get 2 Fidelity points,100 Fidelity points correspond to €1 immediately available for the next purchases.

Credit is money!
The points gained are equivalent to money usable whenever you want. There is no limit to the credit you can reach and there are no limits to get the purchase bonus.

What to do to get points?
It is sufficient to register and to create an account, the credit then comes  automatically.

How does it work the collection of points?
For each euro spent you get 2 Fidelity points, they are excluded from the calculation the transport costs and costs for the payments at delivery.  In case of divided numbers, they will be given points nexts to the closer decimal. So if you reach 5,20 points you will get 5 points, if you reach 5,60 points you will get 6 points.
You always gain points, also buying discounted products, and you can collect them as they have no expiry date.


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