The lightest single rope in the market with triple homologation

Beal Opera 8.5 Unicore Dry cover single rope

Colore: verde e blu

 200,00  166,90

Earn up to 438 Punti.

Weighing in at only 48 g per meter, the Opera 8.5 is the firstsub 50g rope and is the lightest and thinest single rope on themarket. The rope is made with technology that combines allof Béal’s know-how, resulting in low impact forces, UNICORE technology, DRY COVER protection and the UIAA Water Rellent standard for the GOLDEN DRY version.

This ultra-supple,ultralight rope will please the most demanding sport climberswhile remaining versatile for mountaineering.

– Ultralight.
– Ultra supple.
– Versatile.
– Offers all the advantages
of UNICORE technology.
Top level climber.   General climber / mountaineer.



If you are not a guide, If you are not a high level climber or mountaineer, If you need advice…


Used as single rope, this is not a rope to put in all hands, or in all belaying devices: Its thinness makes it a rope which absolutely demands an expert belayer. In effect, traditional belay devices will offer reduced braking, and some automatic belay devices may not work at all.


BEAL has been making rope history since the 80’s. Passion and research led to the development of the concept of dynamic ropes, changing the climbing world forever. The BEAL team is fully integrated into its work, caring about new technology applications, test reports, as well as emotions and enthusiasms. Evolution is what lets BEAL anticipate changes and stay tuned with climbers’ everyday needs.


with 80 kg
with 55 kg / 1 strand
with 80 kg / 2 strands
Impact force UIAA Laboratory
 ≤ 12 kN
 ≤ 8 kN
 ≤ 12 kN
Impact force BEAL Guaranty
 7.4 kN
 5.5 kN
 8.8 kN
Number of falls UIAA Laboratory
 ≥ 5
 ≥ 5
  ≥ 12
Number of falls BEAL Guaranty
Sheath percentage
37 %
Weight per metre
48 g
Water Absorption
BEAL Guaranty 
3 % UIAA Laboratory 
< 5 %


1 review for Beal Opera 8.5 Unicore Dry cover single rope

  1. Macky

    Super leggera, utilizzata in montagna diverse volte, resiste bene all’acqua ed alla neve. Top

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