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Appennino di neve e di ghiaccio – Tuscan-Emilian Apennines East Sector (Vol. 2)


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Appennino di neve e di ghiaccio – Tuscan-Emilian Apennines East Sector (Vol. 2) is the last of two volumes of the homonymous work, which describes the winter mountaineering trails of the east part of the Tuscan-Emilian Appenines.

The work takes into consideration the Eastern mountains and includes the Giovo-Rondinaio, Tre Ponte Alps, Monte Gomito, Mount Cimone, Libro Aperto, Monte Spigolino, Monte Corno alle Scale, which describes 99 mountain climbing routes. In the winter, the Appennines are transformed into an ideal playground for activities ranging from ski mountaineering to dry tooling through various intermediate possibilities. The canals, natural directions that leak largest walls, were the first to be ascended, but in special conditions the snow permits to climb a wide variety of itineraries, explored systematically only in recent years. The Apennines therefore reveal not only a great workout ground for snow and ice climbing on larger mountain ranges, but increasingly become a place for expressing a specific, profitable and high-level mountaineering.

Appennino di neve e di ghiaccio – Tuscan-Emilian Apennines East Sector (Vol. 2) proposes therefore a mountaineering research, to be cared for and followed in the ways and times to catch on the right days that will surely give good moments of Apennines On the mountains behind the house.



Marco Barbieri, explorer of the unlikely, bare traveler, lover of the great northern spaces. Passion for the wildest corners and crowded peaks does not keep him from running in Appennino whenever he can. In the cold season he’s considered a wizard in guessing the right conditions and it is not uncommon to surprise him by wandering around forests or cliffs at night.

Nicola Roncaglia, nurse in everyday life, volunteer for Alpine Rescue at Monte Cimone Station, has for many years consecrated his free time to the mountain with everything every season can offer. He carries the classical itineraries in the Alps and at every opportunity organizes goliard travels and shipments between European and extra European mountains. But he always happily return to Appennino where he has been walking paths and valleys since childhood.

Gian Paolo Santunione, construction engineer, classic climber by vocation. He loves the Alps more than anything and the traditional high altitude routes while remaining faithful to the motto “low grade, high enjoyment”. Equipped with great insight into planning and going on great routes, he discovered the Apennine mountains only in adulthood, especially appreciating their winter guise.



Born in 2005, the Sports Association Idea Montagna proposes mountain-related initiatives, from mountaineering training and ski mountaineering to mountaineering and non-European expeditions. The Association also has, among its objectives, the respect and safeguard of the mountain environment. Every partner shares his mountaineering aspirations with these values ​​with the clear conviction that only then can the mountains and mountaineering be experienced by future generations.

Idea Mountains publications distinguishes itself with modern graphics and impact. The published volumes have all been successful in both critical and sales successes. The first two books, released at the end of 2006, concern the great passion of the founder: climbing on ice cascades. The volumes “Ice Vertical 1” and “Ice Vertical 2” have in fact become the reference guides of all the northeastern icebreakers and beyond.

In the wake of this success, the Association has published volumes of other mountaineers, quickly reaching for good levels of satisfaction and is looking for other authors for new works.

Author: Marco Barbieri, Nicola Roncaglia, Gian Paolo Santunione
Editor: Idea Montagna
Subject: climbing
Series: RockIce

Language: Italian

Format: 15×21 cm
Pages: 320
Publishing date: 06/12/2016ISBN: 978-88-97299-90-5
Peso: 600 gr
Distinctive elements:
• color images of the peaks, including upward track for each path
• topographic maps of the paths
• panoramic pictures of the mountain groups with peak names
• technical notes
• rest spots
• needed equipment


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