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All in all an excellent nut; bomber in many places where most other nuts don’t come close.

DMM Alloy Offset Nut Set 7-11


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Alloy Offsets protect irregular and flared cracks that regular nuts cannot. Every size of Alloy Offset has a robust 12kN strength rating. The wires they are mounted on are set into a recess to reduce wear, while larger sizes have holes that reduce weight. Use in conjunction with Wallnuts for comprehensive all season crack protection.

If you climb in older areas where pitons were used, these heavily tapered nuts are amazing. Sometimes they fit perfectly in shallow flares where most other stoppers would barely hold body weight. Their shape is amazing for almost any rock type. With only five sizes they won’t be the only set of nuts on your rack, but they are very useful nonetheless.

These nuts, while expensive, are the most versatile nut on the market. This is a must-have for aid climbers. If you are a cam junky and only place a nut where a cam absolutely won’t fit, more often than not you’ll find yourself reaching for Offset Nuts. All in all an excellent nut; bomber in many places where most other nuts don’t come close.

HB Alloy Offset 7 A1817A Gold 12kN 27g 12.0 / 15.1mm EN 12276:2013
HB Alloy Offset 8 A1818A Blue 12kN 30g 13.5 / 17.9mm EN 12276:2013
HB Alloy Offset 9 A1819A Red 12kN 37g 17.1 / 21.4mm EN 12276:2013
HB Alloy Offset 10 A1820A Grey 12kN 45g 19.4 / 25.1mm EN 12276:2013
HB Alloy Offset 11 A1821A Turquoise 12kN 56g 23.2 / 30.0mm EN 12276:2013
HB Alloy Offset Set 7-11 A1817/21A Assorted 195g EN 12276:2013


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