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Black Diamond BD GUIDE AVY SAFETY SET Artva Shovel Probe avalanche set


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Black Diamond BD GUIDE AVY SAFETY SET Artva Shovel Probe avalanche set is an avalanche safety set, dedicated to guides, professionals and advanced skiers. It is a set dedicated to intensive daily use, consisting of the DVA (ARVA) Guide BT Beacon, the Evac 7 shovel, and the Quickdraw Pro 320 probe.

-The DVA BD GUIDE BT BEACON: With a huge circular range of 60m, the function of marking and scanning for multiple burials and an automatic antenna switch that automatically adjusts to send the best signal, the Black Diamond avalanche beacon Guide BT is the industry standard and professional grade avalanche beacon with Bluetooth functionality. The beacon’s Bluetooth connection allows you to manage settings, software updates and battery optimization from your smartphone, while the housing features soft-touch contact points for better handling. In addition, it has a huge circular radius of 60 meters and a search strip of 60 meters. Add a self-checking feature for consistently accurate antennas and digital signal processing to account for difficult signals, and the Guide BT is as reliable as it is capable. The included sling-style carrying case offers convenient, simplified storage and quick removal for emergency response.

  • Housing with soft-touch contact points for improved ergonomics and handling
  • The Bluetooth functionality allows the user to manage settings, software updates and optimizations
  • Three antennas
  • Circular range for an extended and symmetrical search area
  • Mark and Scan function for multiple burial scenarios
  • Digital signal processor to pick up beacons that transmit drifting signals
  • Integrated inclinometer for easy assessment of the tilt angle
  • Continuous carrier mode for use with older analog beacons
  • Reliable indication of direction and distance from the original signal point
  • Compatible with TX600 and iProbe for additional search functionality
  • Software upgradeable via Bluetooth or USB (sold separately)
  • Harness-style carrying case included
  • Connect to the PIEPS app with Bluetooth® wireless technology to manage settings, update firmware and access training mode

-The EVAC 7 shovel is the top of the range UIAA certified shovel built for professional use by BD. It features a unique handle that can be set in either standard shovel mode or hoe mode to dig test pits or quickly clear snow. The large blade moves a lot of snow quickly and a flat bottom profile helps you get a good clean surface on the low wall. The updated extendable handle eliminates the possibility of jams, while the large modified D-handle increases comfort for long days involving multiple holes and speeds up digging times in an emergency.

  • Updated telescopic handle eliminates jams
  • durable anodized blade
  • the shovel easily converts to hoe mode from the same attachment point for snow removal and digging
  • the attachments on the blade allow for quick assembly and change of modes
  • Compact D handle with comfortable dual density handle
  • UIAA certified

– The PROBE 320 probe is a durable 8-section all-aluminum probe with a stainless steel cable and a length of 320cm. The Black Diamond Quickdraw Pro 320 probe is designed for snow study, avalanche professionals, patrolmen and deep terrain. The ferrules of the Pro 320 ensure longer life and quick alignment, while the integrated pouch provides quick, one-pull deployment in an emergency.

  • Double Quickdraw Speed ​​bushings provide extremely fast implementation with maximum durability
  • particularly durable stainless steel cable
  • the quick deployment bag integrates with the probe pull cord to be ready with just one pullthe oversized and durable alloy tip improves probing sensitivity by creating a
  • larger hole
  • 1 cm high visibility markings

The Black Diamond BD GUIDE AVY SAFETY SET is a complete top of the range avalanche set for professional and high level use.

  • Antennas: 3
  • Battery Life 400 hours send mode
  • Frequency 457 kHz (EN300718)
  • Maximum Range 60 m
  • 3 AAA Batteries
  • Search depth 60 m (197 ft)
  • Pro 320 probe length: 43cm – 320cm
  • Evac 7 shovel: 68 – 91cm


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