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The Beal Joker Soft is a softer, super supple, version of the famous Joker 9.1mm rope

Beal Joker 9.1 Soft Unicore Dry cover

 200,00  159,00

Earn up to 418 Punti.

Released recently, the Jokers are quickly becoming Beal’s best-selling ropes due to their versatility, longevity, and performance ideal for advanced climbers. This Joker Soft Unicore Climbing Rope sports the same specs as the original 9.1mm diameter, except a softer feel adds more fluidity that’s pleasant to use for advanced experts. Given its softer feel, this model slides through carabiners and belay devices better to reduce rope drag on wandering routes. Its Unicore construction bonds the rope’s core to the sheath to stop the two from slipping off each other like most ropes do after awhile. Certified as a single, half, or twin rope, the Joker shines whether you’re projection sport routes or tackling traditional multi-pitches.
  • Beal’s single, twin, and half climbing rope with a softer feel
  • 9.1mm fluidly slides through carabiners and belay devices
  • Unicore bonds sheath to core for long-lasting durability
  • Dry Core adds water- and abrasion-resistance to the sheath

BEAL has been making rope history since the 80’s. Passion and research led to the development of the concept of dynamic ropes, changing the climbing world forever. The BEAL team is fully integrated into its work, caring about new technology applications, test reports, as well as emotions and enthusiasms. Evolution is what lets BEAL anticipate changes and stay tuned with climbers’ everyday needs.


con 80 kg
con 55 kg / 1 cabo
con 80 kg / 2 cabos
Impact force UIAA Laboratory
 7,9 – 8,2 kN
 5,6 – 5,8 kN
 9,1 – 9,3 kN
Impact force BEAL Guaranty
 8.2 kN
 6 kN
 9.5 kN
Number of falls UIAA Laboratory
 5 – 6
 24 – 26
 > 25
Number of falls BEAL Guaranty
Resistencia a las aristas cortantes
Sheath percentage
35 %
Weight per metre
52 g
Water Absorption
BEAL Guaranty 
1,1 % UIAA Laboratory 
< 5 %

1 review for Beal Joker 9.1 Soft Unicore Dry cover

  1. massimo.fortina

    È un’ottima corda, leggera, molto maneggevole in questa versione soft, con ottimi trattamenti dry cover ed unicore. Polivalente avendo una tripla omologazione. Provata con diversi assicuratori. Per quanto riguarda il servizio di Sestogrado che dire: sempre ottimo, professionisti competenti e consegne veloci. Complimenti.

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