Rocca Pendice is the “guide” for climbing the beautiful cliffs of the Euganean Hills. It is a detailed guide whose goal is to discover the natural correlations of the morphology of the crags in the province of Padua, through a catching critical review of the classic exploratory mountaineering.

Michele Chinello and Marco Simionato’s piece of work is inspired by complementary features such as the technique and the spirit of mountaineering, providing appreciations, details and clarifications where needed, in a sober and effective literary veil. The richness of the constituent factors of the environment and the suggestion of the open lines on these vertical structures are made by the authors as true “portraits” of essential microuniverses for the Padua mountaineers (not only on Rocca but also on the walls of the comprimars Monte Pirio, Monte Grande, Busa dell’Oro, etc.).

Rocca Pendice – Arrampicate nei Colli Euganei in this third version is available as a guide to the Padova/Venetian mountaineering school, with the patronage of the Padova Section, the Teolo Municipality and the Euganean Hills’s Regional Park, and a special dedication to the unforgettable climber Sergio Billoro.



Born in 2005, the Sports Association Idea Montagna proposes mountain-related initiatives, from mountaineering training and ski mountaineering to mountaineering and non-European expeditions. The Association also has, among its objectives, the respect and safeguard of the mountain environment. Every partner shares his mountaineering aspirations with these values ​​with the clear conviction that only then can the mountains and mountaineering be experienced by future generations.

Idea Mountains publications distinguishes itself with modern graphics and impact. The published volumes have all been successful in both critical and sales successes. The first two books, released at the end of 2006, concern the great passion of the founder: climbing on ice cascades. The volumes “Ice Vertical 1” and “Ice Vertical 2” have in fact become the reference guides of all the northeastern icebreakers and beyond.

In the wake of this success, the Association has published volumes of other mountaineers, quickly reaching for good levels of satisfaction and is looking for other authors for new works.


Author: Michele Chinello, Marco Simionato
Editor: Idea Montagna
Subject: Climbing
Series: Arrampicata
Format: 15×21 cm
Pages: 232 in color
ISBN: 978-88-903275-2-0
Weight: 480 gr

Language: Italian/English

Distinguishing elements:
109 color pictures
40 black and white pictures
17 general and sectorial maps
65 sketches, drawings and tabs


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